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I'm a native English speaker and a fluent French speaker. My Spanish and German are both basic at best. (They will probably stay that way until I take a class, b/c I'm awful with self-motivation).

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TED-Ed explores how languages change and evolve. Pair with the animated history of the English language and the somewhat scandalous story of how Darwin revolutionized our understanding of why language exists

(via Open Culture)

“As societies become larger and inhabit a greater range of environments, and people become urbanized and detached from nature, languages and people shed specialized knowledge pertaining to the environment. English once made fine distinctions in animal names: a castrated goat or sheep was a ‘wether,’ a young female sheep ‘theaves’ (or ‘chilvers’ or ‘tegs’), and young sheep that are older ‘hoggetts’. As we have less to do with animals, naming systems fall into disuse — even new terms like ‘baby horse’ are inroads to refer to a foal or colt.”
- K. David Harrison, When Languages Die: The Extinction of the World’s Languages and the Erosion of Human Knowledge (via linguisticsyall)


Okay, how many of you would be interested in a bookstore that sells international copies of books? For language learning and reasons. I’m asking for science.

Long word of the week: IRADOKIZUNARENGATIK


Let’s decipher it!

- Iradokizun - Suggestion
- aren - singular mark
- gatik - suffix answering why?

So! Iradokizunarengatik = Because of the suggestion

Ex: Nagusiaren iradokizunarengatik ordutegia aldatu dute.
      They’ve changed the timetable because of the director’s suggestion.

  • Friend: So what languages do you speak then?
  • Me: Eh, well, I speak English and German..mostly.
  • Friend: I thought you were really into languages?
  • Me:
  • Friend: ?
  • Me: Well, I mean, I can sorta probably get by in Twi but there's a lot of English in that, and Spanish for like holidays maybe, and Dutch and Swedish but that's mostly German, and I'll give Dagaare and Assamese a shot but make a fool of myself, and then obviously Greek and Hebrew and Latin you don't I'm ok with Sumerian and Akkadian, and I'll take a stab at Hittite and Luwian and Eblaite and Ugaritic and I wouldn't say I can READ Middle Egyptian but we're getting there at a stretch
  • Friend:
  • Me: So...yeah...German and English ...


French memes are all the same.


Sometimes when I talk to myself I spontaneously change die Sprache von Englisch zu Deutsch oder andersrum.