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An American woman is hiking through Germany. She’s enjoying taking in the sights and immersing herself in the culture. But one day, while hiking through a wooded area, she comes across an elderly German man taking a leak on the side of the path. He’s hardly subtle about it;…

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“Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents and everyone is writing a book.”

Cicero, circa 43 BC (via amandaonwriting)

“The recency illusion is the belief or impression that something is of recent origin when it is in fact long-established.”

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So it turns out you can be dyslexic in one language but not another, depending on the kind of linguistic processing problem you have. For example, if you have trouble with phonemes, if can be hard to learn alphabetic writing systems like English, but easier to learn logographic writing systems like Chinese. China has dyslexic people obvs, but they seem to have different stuff going on in their brain than English dyslexic people. Huh.



It also has to do with how deep or shallow a language’s writing system is—a “shallow orthography” is an alphabetic system where one letter tends to represent basically one sound (like Spanish or Italian or Finnish), or the sound-letter mappings are generally regular. But a “deep (or opaque) orthography” is an alphabetic system where each letter can have multiple sounds associated with it, like English or French.

So the incidence of one kind of dyslexia (AGH CAN’T REMEMBER THE TYPE) is really, really low in places like Italy because you don’t have to keep track of weird sound-letter pairings (like “yacht” or “tough” or “knight”).

I just throw out language facts regardless of situation, I could imagine this happening


paramedic: are you ok, can you hear me?
me:what’s going on?
paramedic: you were in an accident, you’ve lost the use of your legs, but we’re in an ambulance and taking you to the hospital
me: lol rly? that’s ironic
paramedic: huh?
me: cos we’re in an ambulance and I lost the use of my legs, and ambulance comes from the latin “ambulare” which is the verb to walk .
me:  languages are so interesting

aejrogota asked: Fantastic blog. I find it very intellectually stimulating and so deliciously thought-provoking, please keep it up. :) También puedo ayudarte con español si quieres. :)

Welcome! Bienvenido! And bienvenue to the other 70 odd followers that found my blog this month :]

I actually started this blog focusing solely on language, power, and narrative (thus the title!) and only later incorporated language learning stuff. And jokes. Don’t forget the jokes. But I’m glad I did, because as a result I found a lot of super awesome, thoughtful, intriguing language blogs. As I mostly reblog stuff, with the occasional original post, I have to give most of the credit to the fabulous little tumblinguist community we have going on here :]

(Also, Spanish is on hold for the mo’ as I focus on French and grad school apps! Thank you for the offer, though, I may take you up on that at a later date!)

towering-bookshelves asked: You should watch booksandquill's video ("@dutchspeakwords with Leena") - it's on Dutch idioms, if you're interested, and it's pretty funny.

I’ll put it on my list of things to do! Thanks :]

languagevillage replied to your post “statements of purpose for grad school are the current bane of my…”

It doesn’t get better! On the academia career path, you’ll be writing “statements of purpose” forever! They’re awful!

I’m just really loathe writing about myself. I hated every second of this stuff when applying to unergrad stuff too.

statements of purpose for grad school are the current bane of my existence

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french weed joke:


“I will have an undergraduate class, let’s say a young white male student, politically-correct, who will say: “I am only a bourgeois white male, I can’t speak.” … I say to them: “Why not develop a certain degree of rage against the history that has written such an abject script for you that you are silenced?” Then you begin to investigate what it is that silences you, rather than take this very determinist position-since my skin colour is this, since my sex is this, I cannot speak… From this position, then, I say you will of course not speak in the same way about the Third World material, but if you make it your task not only to learn what is going on there through language, through specific programmes of study, but also at the same time through a historical critique of your position as the investigating person, then you will have earned the right to criticize, you be heard. When you take the position of not doing your homework- “I will not criticize because of my accident of birth, the historical accident” - that is the much more pernicious position.”

Gayatri Spivak 


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it’s also SUCH a reverse victimization thing like

when ~antiracist allies~ say this shit it always includes this sort of faux-self-deprecating element

and intentionally or not, there’s the implication that we white people in general are being ~silenced~ by the ~cruel~ person of color, and that ~oh no we’ve been taught to hate ourselves for our whiteness and believe all these self-deprecating things~ which of course is EXACTLY the white guilt script that more blatantly racist whites looking at this will want to see as more ‘justification’ to dismiss analysis of racism.

and it’s inevitably framing people of color as mean or angry or ~reverse racist~ and ourselves as beleaguered; it’s inevitably fishing for compliments, for coddling, for having the conversation recentered around us and derailing the actual conversation taking place.

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Hello friends this is a survey I made for a thing I am doing. I will not lie it is kind of long, but not really difficult and when your’e done you can see everybody elses (anonymous) responses which is kind of cool?

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